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2003 Glass Masters Series Kari Russel Pool

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Pattern plays an integral part in Kari Russell-Pool's work, as she creates form from pattern and transforms the everyday into the extraordinary. Kari employs a lush botanical pattern to create a form that stimulates the viewer through its beauty, yet it is identifiable as a specific object. She has used teapots, vases and even quilts as her inspiration. Kari is celebrated for her transformations of two-dimensional patterns into sculpture. Kari is a frequent collaborator with her husband, glass artist Marc Petrovic. Her work is held in collections across the nation, including the Corning Museum of Glass, the Tucson Museum of Art, the Smithsonian Institute of American Art and the Museum of American Craft in Millville, New Jersey.Salem Community College is proud to present Kari Russell-Pool's demonstration at the 2003 International Flameworking Conference.

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